Chemistry High School Diploma.

University’s studies: I have followed all lessons and laboratories of the Chemistry (Physics/Theoretical) course at Turin Science University, corresponding approximate to 3000 hours of lessons and 350 hours of laboratory.

BF/RF electronics, Digital electronics by private school “Radio Elettra of Turin”

Work experiences:
self-employed worker as computer advisor/installer/repairer
self-employed worker as photographer.
Good experience as teacher.

Experience, as HiFi repairer.

Major experience: sixteen years in a scientifically oriented photographic laboratory in which I have done:

studio (models and big objects)

document reproduction 
macro photography

clinical/scientifical photography
artistical photography.

I have used 35 mm, 120, folder and digital cameras.

Lightening for macro and general photography such as: optical fibres, continuous and flash lights, ring flashes, trans-illumination, ultraviolet processes.

Reproduction bench: still life stands, studio’s background.

Obscure chamber applications such as, developing and printing both B/W and Color, slide treatments, high contrast films, etc.

Some experience in video.

Computer graphics: 
slides realization (for international congresses and conferences, lectures, seminars, etc.)
tables and posters (for congresses, books, papers, etc.)
(The Periodic Table of Elements in the Turin department of Chemistry Aula Magna)
photo retouching
graphical study on laboratory outputs (x-ray, TAC, NMR, chromatography, etc.)
professional scanning
digital printing on slides
logos creation
web pages
advanced CD mastering
  DVD creations/editing

Software used:
Corel Draw suite, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Ent. suite, Microsoft Front Page,  MS Visual Basic, Various Sound Editing programs, DVD creators/editors.

Computer maintenance: 
software installation and peripherals’ connecting and tuning, hardware upgrade and repair.

My scientific background was very welcome in the studio I have worked, because allowed me to easily dialogue with our customers, coming mainly from research fields of all University Faculties.

My job was used in many international congresses and publications.

photography, computing, music (play and listen to), writing, cinema, electronics (supported by two courses in linear and digital electronics).

During the twelve months of military service, I have recovered the role of chief of the teleprinters room in a strategic location.

Language knowledge:
Italian: mother tongue.
English: good both in writing and speaking.
Dutch: I lived 2 years in Netherlands.